Cash Flow Management Software for Ghost Kitchens3 min read

What’s the purpose of wasting your time when you can use Cash Flow Management Software for Ghost Kitchens?

The ghost kitchens have very limited staff as they need to create a perfect balance between income and expense.

If they failed to do so, they won’t be able to offer amazing deals to the customers.

As a result, they won’t get a lot of customers for their services.

The problem is that you cannot properly manage cash flow when you’re busy addressing several other tasks at your kitchen.

If you’ve got stuck at this point, you shouldn’t worry as you can use the cash flow management software for ghost kitchens to fix your problems.

This article shares information about the best software products available for ghost kitchens.

So, if you’re running a ghost kitchen and need help with cash flow management, the following information is really important for you.

Best Cash Flow Management Software for Ghost Kitchens

Here are the best Cash Flow Management software products the ghost kitchens can use.


If you regularly spend a lot of time putting in the data into spreadsheets, Float can be the perfect solution for you.

It gives you the opportunity to get rid of those clunky spreadsheets while providing you with an accurate report of your future bank balance.

The best part is that you can integrate it with cloud kitchen accounting software products like Quickbooks, FreeAgent, and Xero.

Float is undoubtedly the best cash flow management software for ghost kitchens as it provides you with complete control of your cash allowing you to make an informed and wise decision.

You can get this software at a price of $29/mo.

We recommend using the free trial version before moving the paid version. It gives you a clear idea of how this software can fix your problems.


Scoro is a combination of different finance management tools.

It means it will not just help with managing your cash flow but you can manage several other finance-related tasks with this software.

For instance, you can use this tool for customer relationship management, incorporating budgeting, and even project management.

We can say it’s a perfect business management tool for all your needs.

You can add this software to your ghost kitchen for $22/mo.

cash flow management software for ghost kitchens


Pulse is the best Cash Flow Management software for ghost kitchens that can be used to track cash flow in the most appropriate way.

This software comes with an easy-to-understand dashboard so you may manage all your problems without any hassle.

It saves you a lot of time that you usually spend on Excel.

It’s a web-based software meaning that you won’t have to install it into your computer.

You can access different features of the software anywhere you want. Connecting Pulse to your accounting software is just a breeze.

These are the best cash flow management software for ghost kitchens.

You won’t have to worry about managing your cash flow as these tools are here to fix all your problems.