Analytics Software for Ghost Kitchens3 min read

analytics software for ghost kitchens

Do you want to understand the importance of Analytics Software for Ghost Kitchens?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve brought information about the top software products available in the industry.

After taking a look at the features of these software products, you’d get to know how important they are for your ghost kitchen.

The analytics software products have the ability to keep a record of financial transactions, databases, inventory information, userbase, and marketing solutions.

All this information can be managed using paper and pen but having a well-established software will help you in data analysis and decision making for future goals.

Best Analytics Software for Ghost Kitchens

Believe it or not, every business needs some additional support when they’ve reached a specific point.

This is where analytics software appears to be helpful.

We’ve created a list of analytics software for ghost kitchens.

You may take a look at their features to decide whether they’re good for your business or not.

Fishbowl- Ghost Kitchen Analytics Tools

It is a SAAS tool which is specially developed for new businesses like ghost kitchens, restaurants, and similar businesses. It provides productive data to organizations so they may make future decisions.

It also helps in engaging your core customers.

They offer services like email marketing, social channels, mobile channels, and analytics consultants for making the right business decisions.

The following are the core services they offer.

  • Campaign creation, Planning, Manage Timeline, Production, and deployment and set reporting metrics.
  • Creative Development, Copywriting to show your business unique and branded result-driven printings and graphics.
  • Strategy development, help in setting future goals, and developing marketing strategies to make sure these goals are meeting.

They offer these products as a solution for your business.

  1. Messaging
  2. Promotions
  3. Analytics
  4. Integrations

We can say Fishbowl is the best analytics software for ghost kitchens that are concerned about becoming a well-recognized brand in the industry.

analytics software for ghost kitchens

Avero Slingshot

Avero is a cloud-based SaaS analytics tool that converts your huge data into clear, readable, and understandable insights.

It takes data and guides you in the right decision making and helps you to boost your Ghost Kitchen sales and customer base. Here are some unique features of this tool.

  • Tracks server check averages
  • Daily logbook
  • Financial comparisons
  • It has the ability to increase a business 3x
  • Not much dependent on staffing
  • Mobile view is really amazing and user friendly


PeachWorks is also a cloud-based Ghost Kitchen and Restaurant management software solution. It is one of the best analytics software for ghost kitchens of any size no matter new or old. It offers features like inventory management, recipe management, scheduling, forecasting, and analytics. Here is what you can get with PeachWorks.

  • Ease of use for adding and tracking inventory items
  • There are built-in reporting systems and price and calories calculators for recipe management
  • Training system for new employees is very easy to learn

Based on our knowledge and experience, these are the best ghost kitchen analytics software for ghost kitchens that need help with business management. These software products are designed to add more value to your business.


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